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History of the Tournament

By 1962, the German national team managed to win the World Cup and establish itself as one of the leading football teams on the planet. That’s just a single internal championship in Germany was not. The Reichsligs were replaced by the Gulags, the Gulags by the Oberligs.

Multi-stage championships with regional qualifiers and a final, an intricate structure of the championship – Germany entered the 60s with such unenviable baggage. But in England, a single league appeared in the nineteenth century.

“In England the league has existed since 1888, but here?” – Something similar was expressed by more than one representative of the local football union. Surprisingly, many clubs were against it, seeing the financial risk in a single championship.

On July 28, 1962, a vote was held in a small town in the northwest of the country at 17:45. 103 delegates voted for the creation of a unified championship, only 26 people voted against. So all football fans got their “favorite brainchild”.

Modern league format

At the moment, Bundesliga is one of the most popular ones. Each year the teams attract the attention of spectators from all over the world. 18 clubs take part in the league, the teams that took the first 4 places get the right to be a part in the main European tournament – the Champions League next season.

There are also teams that are not so lucky, 2 clubs that take 17th and 18th place go to the league a little lower level – to Bundesliga 2. The 16th placed team must play a playoff match against a team from the second most important championship for the right to participate in the top division.

There is also a country cup, which allows all clubs, regardless of status, to show their strength. All 18 teams from the top division will automatically qualify for the tournament. Teams from the lower divisions start their way in the tournament from earlier stages.

The league and cup champions play the Super Bowl between themselves. If the same team is the champion of the league and the cup, then the Super Cup will be played between the clubs that took 1st and 2nd place in the League.

Most titled club

In the first unified championship in history, the title was deservedly won by the “Köln” team. The most titled team at the moment is Bayern Munich. They have a record 31 Bundesliga trophies in their piggy bank.

Summing up the tournament

The Bundesliga is one of the most popular in the world and every year it becomes stronger and goes to a new world level. The selection of especially talented players cannot but attract the attention of the audience.

Therefore, it will be difficult for sports and football fans not to pay attention to this competition.

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